Logo Redraw Service

  • Standard Logo Redraw Service

    R349.00 ZAR One Time
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      Detailed Logo Redraw Service

      R1000.00 ZAR One Time
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      • Falcon Logo 1

        We will professionally redraw your complicated logo or character. You will have all the necessary files and formats to maintain your brand across multiple media channels.

        This service is suitable for
        Cartoon characters or icons
        Illustrated logos or icons
        3D and shaded logos icons
        Very low res logos or icons without a defined shape.
        Twirly and complicated logo fonts which are not recognised.
        Logo with multiple images or icons

        Your logo will be delivered in the following formats
        Editable Vector PDF Format
        High-res PNG Format with Clear Background
        High-res JPEG Format
        High-res GIF Format
        High-res EPS
        Source Files

        The following is also included
        Colour Corrections
        Colour Standardisation
        Logo File & Format Guide